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Sumerianz operates a group of scholarly journals comprising the natural sciences, social sciences, and engineering. The peer-review process is very much necessary for success and reputation of the journal because only the reviewers and editors can guide which research papers are of quality and importance. Our reviewers are determined to make sure the clarity of review. They are expected to perform their duties honestly. They review the research work critically in order to maintain the quality of the paper. They review the paper and present their valuable report. The editorial board welcomes you to Join Sumerianz as a reviewer.

Join Editorial Board 

Sumerianz operates a group of scholarly journals comprising the natural sciences, social sciences, and engineering. You can join us if you.... 

 1.  Have a doctoral degree. 

2.  Hold a teaching and research position. 

3.  Are well versed in academic and professional English. 

4.  Are interested to join scholarly journal. 

5.  Are ready to work under tight schedule.

 The Status of Your Position as Reviewer and Editor... 

 1.  Part Time 

 2.  Voluntary Job 

3.  No Payment 

4.  Online Engagement 

How to Apply For Reviewer 

Download the complete application. Send the filled application form or your complete, updated CV as an email attachment to

Note: Your emails will be responded in a very short time and you will be informed about the selection in a few days after applying. 


Accept the Manuscript for Review if it Meets Your Expertise 

You are requested to accept only that manuscript which meets your specialization. In case the manuscript does not fall in your area of specialization, you should just decline by sending an email immediately. If the manuscript meets your specialization, please accept the invitation by mail immediately to review. 

Critical Behavior 

During the review process you are requested to keep impartially, clarity and honesty in order to maintain the quality of the journal. The reviewer should approach the peer-review job objectively. Personal criticism of the author is not acceptable. You need to focus on maintaining the quality of the journal by making a critical review report because author will revise the paper according to the suggestions. 


Keep the privacy and confidentiality of the manuscript given for review. You are not allowed to use the data or discuss it with your colleagues and associates. 

Importance of Your Review Report 

Your argument, comments on the paper and the suggestions will be most useful to the editor of the journal to make decision about the manuscript. You need to review the paper in detail and make suggestions, comments and arguments. At this point you are requested to do the review critically. It should not demotivate the author of the manuscript. 

Plagiarized Material or Falsified Data. 

The reviewer should immediately notify the editor if any plagiarized material, falsified data or similarities between the manuscript under review and another paper either published or under consideration by another journal are found. 


For review you will be given a deadline. You will have to complete the review process in the given time. Deadlines may be different for different journals because it varies from journal to journal. If you cannot complete the review within time, inform the editor immediately for more time. 

Submission of Review Report 

After completing the review process you need to submit the review report without any delay so that the editor may take the decision about the paper.