Sumerianz Journal of Economics and Finance

Online ISSN: 2617-6947
Print ISSN: 2617-7641

Journal’s Aim and Scope

Sumerianz Journal of Economics and Finance aims to promote genuine research in the fields of Economics and Finance. This is a blind peer reviewed and international scholarly journal. This journal accepts high quality manuscripts for publication. The journal is open access and accepts original, innovative and novel work from Scholars, Researchers, Economists and Financial Analysts from all over the world. The journal is archived in many valued electronic archiving systems which operate fully open access and provide full access to the content. The journal publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of economics and finance. 

Some major and sub topics are listed below.


Macroeconomic and Monetary Economics

Economic History

Business Economics

Economic Integration

Financial Economics

Exchange Rates

Economic Imperialism

Economics and Management

Environmental and Ecological Economics

Managerial Economics

Analysis And Communication Of Financial Information

Industrial Organization

International Economy and Finance

Labor and Demographic Economics

Pertaining To The Economic Aspects Of Individuals

Law and Economics

Finance and Investments

Economic Systems

Resource Economics

Heterodox Economics

Labor Economics

Mathematical and Quantitative Methods

Business Organizations And Corporation 

Technological Change and Growth

Health Economy

Educational Economics 

Methodology In Financial Accounting


Public Economics

Economic Development

Urban Economics

Price Theory and Practice

Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics

Rural and Regional Economics

Industrial Economics

Tax Accounting


Market Economics

Political Economy

Technology Economics


Applied Economics

Transport Economics

Information Economics

Methodology and History of Economic Thought

National Accounting

Economics And Accounting Research

International Finance